Talking about online publicity and how it has taken a turn with today’s technology couldn’t be a more perfect time to find this article about how Twitter has taken time to show the appreciation of Brest Cancer Awareness month not only here in the US, but all around the world.
Below is a video that is about how tweeting with different hash tags will allow money to be donated for breast cancer and it talks about how in Greece they are donating money for the woman who have had or who have passed from this disease and how to donate money yourself. In the video it talks about how every time they take their bra off a “tweet” will be sent out and money will be donated. Now in the description it makes it very clear that you cannot “actually buy” this bra, but it was just a way for this organization to use twitter and to get the attention of people on social media. It is in a different language, but there are English sub titles that are listed so that you can understand what they are saying.

Popkin, H. (2013, October 25). Tweeting bra exposed: Genuine support or publicity lift?. Retrieved from


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