Changing the View of the Public

One of the topics this week was changing the public’s opinion and I can relate this to many issues that are going on in current events right now. A lot of people have noticed and started seeing that the same sex marriages are starting to become less taboo by the social custom. Culture has been aware and has started hearing more and more of this issue. There are states that are making it legal for the same sex marriage to ok, and there are other states that are totally against it as well.

The article that I found talked about how opinion on same-sex marriage is changing and what this means. As I read the article it was interesting to have an article talk about both sides and be supportive both ways. I feel like now a days people are all about their own opinion and it is what it is. I also liked how this article talked about how the support for same sex marriage is increasing and it touches base on the fact that this has happened before, and it could just turn out like it has in the past.

I’ve learned that changing the public’s opinion doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes a person or group could be against one thing, and then change their view to a different aspect, and that’s ok, because it makes the world who and what we are now.Image

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