Speaking for Small Business

Small business’ these days are trying to get out to the public to let them know who they are and what they do. It’s harder for small business to get the public’s attention because they are small and not quite known for what they do yet like larger business have.

Speaking out about your business to the public is the cheapest and fastest PR that you can do because your business will be heard and you can let the public know exactly what you want them to know about your business. In our class right now we are learning about how the PR reflects on the public and how it can persuade us and remind us why we are doing what we are doing. Sometimes the public complains about what is going on, when they forget the main reason of source of why we are doing what we’re doing.

For a business to just let the public know about the organization instead of letting them find out before hand is what every business should do because there will be no drama or anyone let down. This makes sure that the truth gets out, and someone doesn’t get miss lead by unreasonable resources.


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Helping out the community

Companies that give to their communities are the ones that succeed the most in this world. By having the community and people around you that help and support what an organization does is what helps that company grow and move forward. It shows the public that they care and want to help and support the ones that mean the most to them.

When the public relations talk and have a movement around a specific organization it makes it known to other people and other organizations that, that company goes above and beyond others.

One company that comes to mind is Amazon. This company is always trying to make it simple and easier for the community and their customers. They are always having deals and donating money to their customers to show their appreciation for everyone that has supported them, and that will continue to support them for years to come. Attached is an article that shows all of that they have done in the year 2103! It’s awesome to check out! Not many companies do this for their customers.




Talking about online publicity and how it has taken a turn with today’s technology couldn’t be a more perfect time to find this article about how Twitter has taken time to show the appreciation of Brest Cancer Awareness month not only here in the US, but all around the world.
Below is a video that is about how tweeting with different hash tags will allow money to be donated for breast cancer and it talks about how in Greece they are donating money for the woman who have had or who have passed from this disease and how to donate money yourself. In the video it talks about how every time they take their bra off a “tweet” will be sent out and money will be donated. Now in the description it makes it very clear that you cannot “actually buy” this bra, but it was just a way for this organization to use twitter and to get the attention of people on social media. It is in a different language, but there are English sub titles that are listed so that you can understand what they are saying.

Popkin, H. (2013, October 25). Tweeting bra exposed: Genuine support or publicity lift?. Retrieved from http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/tweeting-bra-exposed-genuine-support-or-publicity-lift-8C11467042

The Research into getting the attention…

Relating this week’s assignment was struggling to me, until I was watching the news today and I saw something that made me reflect on some of the things that I have been learning in class. Everywhere we go we see people using twitter or referring to twitter and using twitter language. Some of us know and use this daily, while others don’t even know where to begin. I can relate this to Public Relations, because getting to know the use of “public norms” can be struggling and frustrating if we don’t get the concept of it. On the news they were talking about how to use “hash tags”, and how to add people that you’re talking about to your tweet, and why “tweeting” might be something that could help you out.


It was the research but into how to tweet that got my attention. Figuring out how to do something that everyone is doing, so that you can help them relate is what makes you interesting to the world. It’s hard to think about and might get confusing, but if you really think about it, people will listen to what you have to say, if you relate what you’re saying to something that they know or use daily. It’s something to think about..





Changing the View of the Public

One of the topics this week was changing the public’s opinion and I can relate this to many issues that are going on in current events right now. A lot of people have noticed and started seeing that the same sex marriages are starting to become less taboo by the social custom. Culture has been aware and has started hearing more and more of this issue. There are states that are making it legal for the same sex marriage to ok, and there are other states that are totally against it as well.

The article that I found talked about how opinion on same-sex marriage is changing and what this means. As I read the article it was interesting to have an article talk about both sides and be supportive both ways. I feel like now a days people are all about their own opinion and it is what it is. I also liked how this article talked about how the support for same sex marriage is increasing and it touches base on the fact that this has happened before, and it could just turn out like it has in the past.

I’ve learned that changing the public’s opinion doesn’t happen overnight, and sometimes a person or group could be against one thing, and then change their view to a different aspect, and that’s ok, because it makes the world who and what we are now.Image

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Public Relations

The public views a company by how they relate their product to the people. I found an article that shows how press releases about different product don’t always fallow the rules, and make the company or product out to be something that its not.  it was interesting to me to hear about all the different facts and studies that they show were the press just makes things up just to have some sort of news break.

This isn’t all that shocking to me because I see the news and all of the stories that they tell, and sometimes I sit and wonder if some of them are really true. In this Article it talks about how easy it is to just add in facts about companies that are not true just to catch the public eye. I found this interesting because this is what we are learning in class, and this was something that I found useful and informational. enjoy 🙂